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We offers a wide range of gelato flavors. we use high quality products in order to always serve you a gelato that will meet your expectations.To ensure the freshness, quality and creaminess of our gelato, we produce small quantities at different times of the day to make sure that its average duration does not exceed three hours.

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Our Story

The La Romana ice cream shop was born in the heart of the historic center of Rimini in 1947, taking its name from the daughter of the first owner and founder. After a few years Vito Zucchi, progenitor of the family, took over the business and thanks to his fervent imagination, based on the few ingredients then available, created a wide range of quality flavours, still made in our stores.

Born in 1947 in the heart of Rimini, the La Romana brand embodies the tradition, research, innovation and emotion of a family of gelati artisans. 73 years later, we remain devoted to the authentic taste and traditional recipes of La Romana, which we are preparing to share with you, in Romania.


We inherited the profession and turned it into our passion, which we translate into every La Romana dessert. The enthusiasm of discovering new flavors, the smile of re-encountering a taste that awakens pleasant memories and even that look of “I want more” inspire us every day to continue pampering and surprising you. We use only high-quality natural ingredients - milk, eggs and butter from organic farms, artisan whipped cream, fresh fruit, certified organic natural jams, Piedmont forest hazelnuts, Avola almonds and a host of other seeds and fruits pampered by the Italian sun.


All pastries and gelato assortments are created daily in our own laboratory. To ensure the freshness, quality and creaminess of your favorite flavors, we produce small quantities at different times of the day. Thus, the average duration of each gelato does not exceed three hours. La Romana is an experience we are extremely happy to share with you!

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